Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Knappogue Castle 16 year old.

I have long been a fan of Knappogue Castle whiskeys and have yet to come across a bad whiskey within their range, so im looking forward to getting my hands on this. However what the hell is going on with the label and the description???

First we had “finished” then some buck on Islay “aced” it, now Knappogue have “twinned” it. Utter garbage. I can handle “finished”, a whisky matured in one type of barrel for many years then “finished” in another different barrel for either a number of weeks, months, or years. Whatever Jim Mac wants to do on Islay is his call. But lads at Knappogue (Castle Brands) get your act together. Okay the whiskey has spent over 15 years in Bourbon barrels and then finished for 9 months in former sherry barrels. Correct me if im wrong but isn’t the meaning of twin the following: -

1. One of two offspring born at the same birth.
2. One of two identical or similar people, animals, or things; a counterpart.

1. Being two or one of two offspring born at the same birth: twin sisters.
2. Being two or one of two identical or similar people, animals, or things: twin cities; a twin bed.
3. Botany. Of or relating to structures, such as flowers, that occur in pairs.
4. Consisting of two identical or similar parts: a twin lamp fixture.

The only thing the barrels have got in common is that they are made of wood. But not even the same wood, American oak and European oak I presume. They never even grew up together, were they long lost twins? One matured bourbon, the other sherry. Enough. Surely if you want to “twin” your whiskey you should mature it in 2 barrels produced from one tree. Or mature it in barrel “A” take it out, swish it around and re-mature it in barrel “A”.

Re-mature, now there’s a thought…

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